Frequently Asked


Where can I park?

There is a shared parking lot located behind the building, as well as street parking.   The street parking on Summer Street is located directly in front of the Simon's Furniture parking lot, just come across the street and access the salon from the front side of the building.    Main Street seems further away than it is, the spots close to the Summer St. intersection allow easy access to walk around the corner to the front of our building or down the public stairs to the parking lot area.  Franklin is a growing downtown and parking can be a bit busy, please allow a few extra minutes to make parking stress free.  Click here for more details.

Is there a way to avoid the stairs?

The easiest solution is the street parking on Summer Street.  Spaces are located directly in front of the Simon's Furniture parking lot, just come across the street and access the salon from the front side of the building.   If you would prefer to park in the lot, instead of coming up the stairs enter the private parking garage through the door on the right.  There is an elevator located in the back right corner.  Take the elevator to the lobby and go out the front door and find us on the side of the building.

Can a tip be put on a credit card?

Yes, we have easy tipping options when you pay via credit card.  There are percentage options, as well as a custom key.  Be aware that the quick math percentage buttons do include any retail purchases in the calculation.  In this case use the custom key.


Is there a safe, comfortable place for a child to wait?

Unfortunately, no.  We love children and almost all of our team members are mothers themselves; but salons are hazardous places for children outside of the service chairs. The salon also strives for a tranquil and relaxing environment which can be very boring and uncomfortable for young children.  For these reasons we do not allow children to wait for parents/guardians to have services. 

We do welcome children to have services if they are accompanied by an adult.  


Will the stylist I usually see be upset if I schedule with someone else?

No!  Salon Elan is a team based environment.  This means we are happy to see a guest get in at the time that is best for them, no matter who is providing the services. 

Of course everyone has a stylist or two that they prefer to see - but that stylist is sometimes simply unavailable.  We do not want you to wait to have your hair looking its best.  All of our stylists keep detailed notes on your hair history and color formulations in the computer for just this reason. 


After the service we are happy to schedule your next appointment out with your tried and true favorite -  no hard feelings.  Did you hit it off with the new stylist you saw?  No problem!  This sometimes happens and neither stylist will make you feel uncomfortable at future services.  We encourage the journey to finding your perfect stylist match and support you with a team of talented individuals ready to step in if you are in need.


Can the receptionist tell me the exact price of a color service?

We offer custom color services.  Pricing depends on your desired result and the steps necessary to achieve it.  Your stylist can provide detailed pricing upon request.  Receptionists can give you base prices but exact pricing is only provided after stylist consultation.

Was the salon originally on Main Street?

It was!  Salon Élan open it's doors in 1998 at 32 Main Street.  We moved to the Summer Street location in 2017 to double our space and grow our talented team!

When are you scheduling appointment through?

We schedule a maximum of 3 months in advance.  Please see our appointment calendar schedule below.  If your ideal time is unavailable at time of inquiry we will place you on our cancellation list, which is updated daily.


January 1st ..... we open scheduling for April.       

February 1st ... we open scheduling for May.      

March 1st ...... we open scheduling for June.       

April 1st ......... we open scheduling for July. 

May 1st ....... we open scheduling for August.        June 1st ........ we open scheduling for September. 

July 1st ......... we open scheduling for October.     August 1st .... we open scheduling for November. 

September 1st ... we open scheduling for December.

October 1st ….... we open scheduling for January.

November 1st .... we open scheduling for February.

December 1st .... we open scheduling for March.

Address: 9 Summer St. Unit 102 Franklin, MA 02038

Phone: 508-520-7159


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